School Library

Welcome to our School Library

The staff and management of Scoil Íosagáin have developed good practice in the provision of educational opportunities and resources for all pupils.
This has been supported by the school’s Parents’ Association and the local community who have been constant in their efforts to assist the school in its endeavours.

One of our most exciting ventures is the School Library. In recent years the School Library has developed into a major reading resource and IT centre for pupils and staff. The Library was officially opened by Frank Mc Guinness, renowned playwright, in December, 2001.

The School Library is designed and laid out like any other public library. The Dewey Classification System is used to categorise non-fiction books. Pupils learn how a library operates and learn how to locate information, favourite authors and any resource that will support their learning and their interests. They learn skills that they can take with them into other settings as they continue their education into second and third level.

The aims of our School Library are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities for pupils, teachers and parents to enhance reading, listening and research skills in a properly designed and well equipped environment.
  • To foster and develop skills for independent learning.
  • To offer a range of quality materials and to encourage good practice in the use of the library as a resource of learning and enjoyment.
  • To provide access to a global network of information at the touch of a button.
  • To stimulate pupils’ natural curiosity in discovering about the world we live in.

All classes visit the Library at least once a week. Pupils become library members and borrow books regularly. A Lunchtime Reading Club allows pupils to visit the Library in between class visits. This has proved to be a very popular development.

Pupils at Scoil Íosagáin are achieving very high standards in Standardised National Tests in English year after year. This is due, in no small way to their exposure to quality resources and to related literacy activities.


Library Monitors: Pupils from Second class are trained as Library Monitors.Training takes place over a 6-week period in October/November. Pupils follow a structured library skills training programme. During the course of this training each pupil completes a Library Monitor Training Booklet that they keep and can use for future reference.Pupils trained in Second class remain library monitors until Sixth class.

The School Library is also a focal point for the members of the School Magazine club.

It is a focal point also for training in Literacy for both parents and staff.

Enjoying the Library