The School Garden

The School Garden is another exciting venture that continues to develop. It is a fantastic resource for our pupils providing an appropriate extension to the classroom in a peaceful yet stimulating atmosphere.
The project has provided great opportunities for the whole school community. Parents, grandparents and friends of the school have volunteered their time to work with the pupils, passing on their knowledge and skills and fostering a respect for the environment and a love of nature.
Both the Library and the School Garden projects address the principles of the Revised School Curriculum which include:


Working in the School Garden.

Celebrating the uniqueness of the child

  • Ensuring the development of the child’s full potentialDSCF1557
  • The child’s sense of wonder and curiosity is a primary motivating factor in learning
  • The child is an active agent in his/her learning
  • The child’s immediate environment provides the context for learning
  • Language is central in the learning process
  • Learning should involve guided activity and discovery methods