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We rely on the co-operation of Parents and welcome regular communication between home and school. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s education and we facilitate this as far as possible. At the end of the First Term/beginning of Second Term at school we organise a Parent’s Day affording you the opportunity to formally discuss your child’s progress. At any other time during the school year you are welcome to come to the school to meet your child’s Class Teacher. Some notice is necessary as it enables arrangements to be made for the supervision of the class while the teacher and parent are meeting.


We organise Parenting Courses that run over an 8-week period. It involves small groups of parents and facilitators leading discussions on topics including, communication, encouragement, active listening, discipline and Early Years Education. These courses can be repeated upon request.

Transition into School Programme provides parallel workshops for parents and pupils as a preparation for starting school and runs for three weeks in the summer term.

A “Súgradh le Chéile” workshop is organized annually by one of the teachers with special responsibility for supporting parents. This workshop focuses on the importance of spending time playing with our children and is supported by the Health Promotion unit of the HSE.

The school is happy to facilitate any training/parent education programmes on request.


As part of Social Personal and Health Education four lessons on Relationships and Sexuality Education are taught in all classes from Junior Infants onwards. The lessons are taught at a specific time, usually in the spring/summer term. Parents will be given notice of when the classes will be taught and have the right to withdraw their children from classes. If you wish to see the RSE Policy you are welcome to do so by arranging an appointment with the Principal.


We are fortunate that 3 members of staff has been trained in “Reading Recovery”. This is a highly successful intervention for younger pupils in the area of reading, writing and comprehension. The programme  involves intensive support over a 14 week period with follow-up support for pupils and parents.


The school organizes a Read-a-thon every year when pupils are sponsored for every book they read over a 4-week period. This has proved to be a great source of funding and helps to finance our school library and class libraries.  Any funds raised from our Readathon next year will go towards resourcing Literacy Lift-Off.


Literacy Lift-off is an approach to the teaching of literacy skills, based on the approaches and methodologies from Reading Recovery, where intensive in-class support is made available to pupils through the use of station teaching. Four stations are set up in the classroom.

Each station is facilitated by a member of staff. (The class teacher is joined by the Reading Recovery teachers, other Learning Support teachers and the School Completion Programme Key Worker.) Two stations focus on reading; one station focuses on writing while the fourth station focuses on word-building and spelling. Pupils spend a set time at each station before moving on to the next station. During a class lasting 40/50 minutes every child has an opportunity to work at each of the stations. Pupils read at least 4 books a week over the course of the programme. Great emphasis is placed on reading for meaning, reading with expression and reading for pleasure. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of oral language as the foundation for all good reading and writing.

We introduced this approach to literacy in Senior Infants in 2011/12 and continued with the intervention in 2012/13 as part of our School Improvement Plan. Each Senior Infant class received four-weeks of station teaching with a follow-up 2 week session. Pupils were assessed before and after the intervention. The improvements in reading, spelling and writing were amazing, with every child showing significant improvement. The success of the approach was due in no small way to the commitment of parents who supported the programme with great enthusiasm.

Literacy Lift-Off will be further developed in 2013/14 in Senior Infants and Empowering Literacy Hour will start in our second Classes.

We look forward to your co-operation and support to ensure better learning outcomes for our children.


We also hold a Book Fair every year in November and use the commission we earn from it to purchase class resources. The children have an opportunity to buy books from the School Book Club that is held twice a year.


 Rainbows is a Bereavement Programme for children who have suffered loss as a result of death or separation in the family. A number of teachers and Special Needs Assistants have trained as Rainbow Facilitators and up to 20 children are now participating in the programme.