First day at school

First day at school

It is important that you establish a good routine early. Check that all items, uniforms, bag, lunchbox, etc. are ready for the morning. Do this in a calm fashion – don’t have your child over-excited or anxious going to bed. Give plenty of time in the morning for dressing, washing and eating a good breakfast. It is important that your child arrives before class starts as children can often find it very intimidating to walk into a class already in progress.

On the big day, if you are feeling upset, don’t show it, leave your child with the teacher, and tell him/her you will be back at the appropriate time to collect your child. If you child is upset, trust the teacher. The teacher is very experienced and knows how to comfort an anxious child. Sometimes a small toy from home can be comforting.
While we welcome parents to come to the classroom for the first week or so it is actually better for your child if you leave fairly promptly.

It is important that you arrive on time to collect your child from school. Children will become upset if they see other children being collected and they feel they are being left behind.

It takes time for children to adapt to school life and routine. Don’t expect too much too soon. Talk to them about what happened and allow them to respond in their own way.

If you ask “What did you learn today?” you will most likely be told “nothing”. Most of the work at infant level is activity based and children are not conscious of ‘learning’, as adults understand it.

If however, you ask “What happened?”, “What did you do?”, “Did you sing?”, “Did you draw?” you will have more success.

Your child will be tired at the end of the school day and may occasionally sleep for an hour or so when they come home from school. It is important to set a routine of a quiet time together and early to bed.

If you feel that your child is worried about something school-related talk to the teacher.